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Monthly Archives: July 2020

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Strategies for defending against domestic violence allegations

Individuals who are charged with domestic violence may use a variety of defenses to refute the allegations made[...]

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Man charged with killing doctor in Sierra Nevada ambush

California authorities have formally charged a man with murdering a Danville doctor who was hiking with his son[...]

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An overview of assault and battery charges

If you make a threatening action toward another person, you could be charged with assault. If you actually[...]

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Special circumstances resulting in serious consequences for murder

If you believe that facing murder charges is the worst situation you may ever deal with, you are[...]

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Deepfakes are subverting the criminal justice system

California criminal trials are becoming more complicated as issues regarding the authenticity of evidence often come into play.[...]

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The many ways a DUI can impact your professional future

Getting arrested for a DUI can be a very embarrassing experience. It can also cause issues for your[...]

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