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Monthly Archives: December 2021

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Current DUI diversion law has led to inconsistent consequences

A state law that took effect at the beginning of 2021 sought to mitigate the consequences for many[...]

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Can you be fired over criminal allegations?

You know that you could be fired from your job if you’re convicted of committing a crime, especially[...]

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The importance of defending white collar charges

Are you facing fraud or embezzlement charges? Then you ought to take your defense seriously. Such kinds of[...]

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Why you need to fight any criminal charge against you

A surprising number of people don’t take criminal charges very seriously. Possibly because of the 24-hour news cycle[...]

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Possible defenses for your DUI charges

If you are facing DUI charges, you may have probably resigned to fate, especially if the evidence against[...]

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How are people drawn into white-collar crime?

Many severe types of criminal offenses result in serious physical harm to those on the receiving end. Thus,[...]

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