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Can you cheat a DUI breath test?

You may have seen internet articles or videos suggesting how you can pass a breathalyzer test with flying colors even if you have drunk enough to be over the limit. Like much of what you find on the internet, it is best ignored. The police are not dumb and will notice...

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3 ways a California DUI could impact your career

California driving under the influence (DUI) charges come with numerous possible consequences. You could wind up spending time in jail. You might have to pay hefty fines. You could also lose your license.  Most people focus so much on those criminal consequences and...

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How can a DUI conviction end your career?

A DUI conviction could be detrimental to your career in many different ways. Naturally, if you earn a living behind the wheel, a DUI conviction would automatically translate to job loss, since your driver's license is likely to be suspended.  Even if you don't drive...

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