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Drug Possession For Sale

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Our articles go in depth into the often-asked questions about the different crimes you can be charged with in California. If you have watched our videos and read our articles but have a specific question, maybe because you are suspected or have been accused of a crime, shoot us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Meth Possession for Sales Charge

What Does It Mean If You Have Been Charged with Meth Possession for Sale in Los Angeles? Without question, the state of California is very tough on drug dealers. That means if you are accused of methamphetamine possession for sale in Los Angeles, the prosecution is going to work very hard to make sure you…

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Selling Cocaine in Los Angeles: Penalties, Legal Defenses

Charged with Selling Cocaine in Los Angeles? What Now? Being accused of selling cocaine, also referred to as crack, is serious. When you are charged with possession of cocaine for sale, you could be looking at years of incarceration. If you or someone you know has been arrested for selling cocaine, you need to know…

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Selling Heroin in Los Angeles

Have You Been Accused of Selling Heroin in Los Angeles? Possession of drugs is a crime that can lead to time behind bars. However, possessing drugs with the intent to sell, is even worse. If you have been accused of heroin possession for sale, you need to understand what you will likely be up against…

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Robert Ernenwein is an expert and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer with nearly 40 years of experience defending persons accused of drug possession for sale.

Mr. Ernenwein is a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney and is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has been selected for inclusion in California Super Lawyers for several years and has appeared as a legal analyst on multiple cable news programs, including Fox News.

The experience and capabilities Mr. Ernenwein will bring to your drug possession for sale defense are hard to match.

Have you or someone you know been charged with drug possession for sale or any crime? Contact Ernenwein & Mathes, LLP, Los Angeles and Orange County criminal defense lawyers, today at 424-552-3901 for a free case review.

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