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How To Avoid A Drug Crime Conviction

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California Marijuana Possession Charge: Is Jail Inevitable?

If you are facing charges of marijuana possession, you need to know what you’re up against. It might seem like no big deal, but depending on your charges, you could be looking at years in prison. Despite the fact that many cities have ordinances relating to medical marijuana, for the most part, possession and selling of the drug is illegal in California.

Types Of Marijuana Possession Charges

When you are accused of marijuana possession in Los Angeles, you are looking at one of the following:

  • Misdemeanor offense: A misdemeanor comes with some consequences, but the penalties are less severe than a felony. It is only a minor offense that could result in a small fine and no jail time.
  • Felony offense: In some situations, marijuana possession is considered a felony offense. This charge is more serious and could lead to a jail sentence and other penalties. If you were planning to sell the marijuana, you may be looking at up to four years in state prison.

Getting Your Marijuana Possession Case Dismissed

The good news is that there are defenses available when it comes to marijuana possession. There are also ways to avoid conviction altogether. For example, you can participate in a marijuana awareness program or some regimen of Narcotics Anonymous courses to get your case dismissed. If you have a medical marijuana card, you might also be able to get your charges dropped. An attorney can explain these options in more depth.

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