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Marijuana Possession

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Marijuana Possession | Torrance Criminal Defense Lawyers | Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

What does the prosecutor have to show to prove that I am guilty of this crime?

To prove that you are guilty of this crime, the prosecutor must show that:

  1. You possessed drugs.
  2. You had knowledge of their presence.
  3. You knew that the substance you possessed was drugs.
  4. You possessed the drugs with the intent to sell them.
  5. The drugs were in a useable amount.

What defenses can your lawyers use in the defense of my case?

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers (Torrance criminal defense lawyers, South Bay criminal defense lawyers) may be able to argue that the amount of drugs that you are alleged to have possessed for sale was not a “usable amount.” To be convicted of this crime, you must possess more than useless traces or debris of the controlled substance.

If the drugs were found in your place of residence but you did not have control over them or have the right to control them, we may successfully argue that you did not possess them in the first place. Even if you knew of their presence, you cannot be convicted if you did not possess them either personally or through another person.

We may also be able to obtain a dismissal of your case through a pretrial motion arguing the constitutionality of the search or seizure that led to your arrest and charge for possession for purposes of sale. If the police did not have a search warrant to enter your home or your car and did not have a valid “exception” to the requirement that they must first obtain a warrant, we may be able to have the evidence against you thrown out. If the evidence is suppressed, the prosecutor may not have enough evidence to go forward with a trial and your case may be dismissed.

There are a host of issues we can evaluate based on our analysis of the police reports, witness statements and other evidence on file. Based on our findings, we may be able to successfully thwart a criminal prosecution in court or otherwise weaken the case against you.

Can you help me fight these charges?


Considering the severity of the penalties, which include imprisonment, substantial fines and community service, we urge you to contact us and make an appointment immediately.

Whether it is charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony, a domestic violence conviction will go on your criminal record, which could cause you to lose your job or prevent you from getting another one. It can also impact your future employment opportunities and consequently jeopardize your family’s financial future.

Ernenwein & Mathes, LLP, has expert and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers with over 35 years of experience defending persons accused of marijuana possession.

Robert Ernenwein is a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney and is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has been selected for inclusion in California Super Lawyers and has appeared as a legal analyst on multiple cable news programs, including Fox News.

The experience and capabilities Mr. Ernenwein will bring to your marijuana possession defense are hard to match.

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