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Real DUI Success Stories

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Real-Life Examples Of Successful DUI Defenses From Our Torrance Defense Lawyers

It is easy to feel a sense of doom and gloom when you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Los Angeles County. No matter if this is your first, second or third offense, it can still be an unnerving experience. You already know that the prosecution will go after you — what you don’t know is if there is hope.

The team at Ernenwein & Mathes, LLP, regularly represents individuals who have been accused of DUI, and we have had many success stories. One of the best ways to put your mind at ease when worrying about your future after a DUI allegation is to read about others who have been in similar situations. We have compiled a short list of some of the cases we have successfully resolved, which should serve as motivation for you to start building your defense (or at least hire an attorney to do it for you).

  • A felony DUI offense was reduced to a misdemeanor charge with no jail sentence. This particular client had originally been charged with a felony DUI, which was accompanied by up to a six-year prison sentence. She had been in a rollover accident in which her passenger was injured. We were able to get her offense reduced to a misdemeanor, and she did not have to go to jail.
  • A DUI charge was reduced to a wet reckless offense. Our client had been accused of driving under the influence. His blood alcohol concentration had been measured using a breath test, but because we were able to suppress evidence, the prosecution reevaluated its case. They came with a reduced charge, meaning our client was able to avoid having an ignition interlock device and other penalties.
  • Charges associated with DUI and refusing a chemical test were dismissed. When our client came to our firm, he had been accused of refusing a chemical test and driving under the influence. After we reviewed the evidence, we were able to argue that our client hadn’t refused the chemical test, but instead hadn’t been advised of his obligation to take it. In fact, we discovered that our client had agreed to the test, yet it was never administered. We were able to get his charges dismissed.

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