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You May Not Have Been Drunk When You Were Arrested For DUI In L.A.

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Three Other Reasons You May Have Been Arrested For DUI In Los Angeles

Remember the story of the young actress Amanda Bynes? She became notorious, not just for her Hollywood DUI arrest following a collision with a police officer, but also for the action she took after. Apparently, she reached out to President Obama via Twitter for help with her situation.

Bynes, like many other people who have been in similar circumstances, was certain she was not drunk at the time. If you have found yourself handcuffed and hauled off to the police station for driving under the influence, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. There are many other reasons as to why you may have been arrested for DUI that have nothing to do with alcohol or drugs.

Three California DUI Defenses You Should Know

Maybe you weren’t drunk when the officer pulled you over-there could be another explanation for either your driving actions or your blood alcohol content (BAC). Below are some possible defenses.

  • Your driving behavior wasn’t good, but that was the only thing wrong. Before stopping a driver for suspected DUI, a police officer will often watch the driving behavior of that person. He or she will be looking to see if the driving pattern matches that of a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The thing is that sober drivers may also drive poorly.
  • There was a medical reason for why you showed signs of intoxication. Once an officer has pulled over a driver, he or she will be watching for signs of intoxication. These symptoms include slurred speech; red, watery eyes; and even a flushed face. However, these signs can also be indications of other medical problems.
  • The BAC test result was skewed. Police officers have devices designed to measure BAC. While these devices have allowed law enforcement to recognize when a driver is, in fact, drunk, they are also flawed. Since they are designed to measure mouth alcohol, other things can affect the results. For example, cough syrups and mouthwash can cause mouth alcohol to increase. There could even be medical reasons for the BAC reading, such as acid reflux or medication.

There are many more reasons why you could have been accused of drunk driving. The biggest takeaway is that you shouldn’t sit back and let the prosecution build a case against you without putting up a fight. Therefore, it is in your best interests to contact Robert Ernenwein, an experienced Torrance DUI lawyer who can defend your charges.

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