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I recently experienced an unfortunate incident that resulted in the need for legal protection. I chose to work with Robert and his team and this was an excellent decision. Rob and his team demonstrated incredible professionalism and charisma. Everything worked out well in the end and Rob was reassuring since day 1 that he would help my case to the best of his ability. With this being said, I would 100% recommend this team to anyone who is in need of legal advice.

John Hilden

Best ever he help me in 2011 whit my personal case, and I was at the point to loose all ,end he give me hopes, and he did thanks god for put this lawyer in my life now im putting my son future on his hand .god bless him .he do know how to talk and represent you in court whit all respect

Oscar Linares

Kristi was extremely helpful. Other attorneys would not give me any information or answer any of my questions until I came into their office but Kristi was very helpful & gave me very valuable information & advice & I appreciate that. Thank you! 6 stars.


It was a phone call I never expected to receive. At first, I thought it was a joke: “Mom, I’ve been arrested. I’m in jail.” The voice of my 18-year-old son was grave. I felt shock nestle into the pit of my stomach. That shock remained a solid weight of dread until we met Robert Ernenwein. It was the first moment we had hope. We weren’t alone in this horror. It meant the world that Mr. Ernenwein believed in my son’s innocence. We now had someone working on our behalf, navigating the unknown world of The Law and The Court System. The entire process was so overwhelming that Mr. Ernenwein became our lifeline. His professionalism and adeptness as a lawyer made the difference in my son’s life. Literally. We knew that Mr. Ernenwein and his office were 100 percent working on our behalf. They answered any questions promptly and provided representation at a reasonable rate. Mr. Ernenwein walked with us every step of the way until my son was completely exonerated. I strongly recommend Mr. Ernenwein’s legal services. You will not be alone!

Tracey Bly

I am very satisfied with how Mr. Ernenwein is handling my entire case. We are working together for over 5 months now on my criminal evading case. Next month we go to trial and I am very confident he will put in everything he has. His experience really gets him far in the court room. He is well know and respected in the community. If you want to win your case and be represented properly I recommend Robert hand down. Believe me I’ve had my share of criminal attorneys and everyone in my family who has met him has been very pleased.

Natalia Calvo

Robert is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He represented and provided clear and straightforward advice and information. He was incredibly helpful with the legal advice provided, making sure that I understood all aspects of my situation. He was always in communication, keeping me informed of all developments. I had an extremely positive experience with the Law Offices of McGregor & Ernenwein and I am thankful to have had Robert as my lawyer. I was referred to Robert by a family member. He puts his clients first. He and his team always respond to my questions very quickly. If I had an appointment with him, the office staff usually called me at that day to remind me the time. Through his hard work, my matter was handled and I deeply appreciate everything he and his team have done for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Ernenwein to anyone who needs an attorney. I cannot describe enough how grateful I am!

Mike Y

Robert Ernenwein is an exceptional lawyer and genuinely nice person. He is professional, diligent, and very proficient as an attorney. I can honestly say he is most likely the best defense lawyer anyone can ask for. Robert was very mindful and courteous to myself and my family. He is very efficient and effective and was able to get the best possible outcome for us. Highly recommend him as a defense lawyer.

Benny Lee

If you want the BEST call Robert Ernenwein. Let me tell you, it is scary to walk in to an Attorney’s office. Even one that you have been referred to by a trusted friend. You are stressed and worried about what could happen without the proper representation. From the moment we met Robert and shook his hand, he made us feel at ease. He listened and asked straight forward questions, never blaming or accusatory. At that first meeting, Robert explained what was going to happen and what his action plan was.

It went exactly as he said it would. Robert took the stress and worry off of us and handled our case from start to finish. In less than 3 months the case was dismissed and we can move on with our lives. How can you thank someone for that? By paying it forward and letting others in the same situation know there is light at the end of the tunnel if you have Robert and his team by your side. When you need an attorney, do yourself a favor an call Robert Ernenewein. I’m so glad we did.

Krystine Randolph

If you’re looking for a lawyer, The Law Offices of Ernenwein and Johnson are the ones to call.

Robert Ernenwein is straight Forward , honest, experienced, has a sense of humor and is very wise.
He gets the job done,
And his presence definitely makes an impact in the court room.

Robert is Beyond professional, he answers your phone calls, and texts right away. He answers any questions you may have. He is organized and has it all under control.

It’s like being in a movie, It’s a whole experience.
And the best part is he makes you feel safe, he makes you forget you’re even going though a set back in your life because he is taking care of all it for you. No stress at all.

It took some hard work for Robert and Ms.Johnson to get DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving plea. I can’t thank The Law Offices of Ernenwein and Johnson Enough for this.

Thank you so much guys !

Jennifer Amy Castillo

I was referred to Mr. Ernenwein by a family friend and they spoke very highly of him. My mother and I went in to his office for a consultation and from there I knew he would be the best lawyer to represent me! He was very knowledgeable, generous and understanding! His staff who worked in his office were also very helpful whenever I would call for follow ups regarding the case. Also, the case was dismissed!! 🙂 I will definitely recommend Mr. Ernenwein to anyone who may need legal assistance in the future!

Aya Hackett

This lawyer is a God send! I had a case that was not in his field of experience. Long story – short, he called me back and spent 10 minutes
providing his advise for me to move forward!

This lawyer is a rare individual – he cares about people!

Ding Bat

Robert and his team are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy! My friend got into some trouble right before Christmas and I found Robert online and after reading all the excellent reviews, we decided to reach out to Robert. He returned my call in a timely manner and gave us a very detailed and honest phone consultation for free. We talked for a good 45 – 55 minutes. The whole team was very committed and passionate and really cared about my friend. We finally decided to retain Robert for my friend’s case. Robert and his staff worked during Christmas to help my friend and my friend’s case ended up being dismissed thanks to Robert’s hard work! He is so easy to talk to and he always responds to your text or call right away and answers every single question you have with honesty and clarity. We are so grateful for everything Robert did for my friend’s case and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help especially for criminal cases.

Bella Fascendini

Words do not describe the exceptional representation the Law Offices of McGregor & Ernenwein provided me. I did not ever expect to find myself in a bind, but when I did, I am so thankful I found Robert and his team. After calling his office, I was immediately transferred to Robert himself to discuss the details of the case. Having never met me, he accommodated my busy work schedule, and fit me in the next business day to discuss a very sensitive and private matter.

After several hearings that did not go in my favor, he gave me top notch legal advice, not only as my lawyer but as a human being who sought the best outcome for me and my future. I appreciated his candidacy and honestly. He was always positive (when I was not), professional in every respect, responsive to emails and phone calls and provided me with top notch legal counsel and representation. I hope I never have to use him again, but if I (or my family, friends, colleagues, etc) ever do I know who to call. That is a good feeling. In the end everything worked out and it would not have, if I did not have Robert representing me.

Thank you to the entire team of the Law Offices of McGregor & Ernenwein. They are the gold standard for defense attorneys. A+

Anonymous D

Robert Ernenwein was absolutely a pleasure to have as the attorney representing my DUI case.

I am a college student who also has a full time property management career. This law office worked so well with my schedule.

Robert was professional and has years of experience in this field of law.
He was able to successfully drop my DUI charge to a lower charge.
Could not be happier with the outcome.

If you are in need of a great attorney with an abundance of experience as well as a very professional office staff who constantly will keep you updated. CALL the law offices of Robert Ernenewein!!

5 stars across the board.

Jake Lopez

I never imagined that one day I’d need a defense attorney, but I was very fortunate to be introduced to Robert Ernenwein and his staff in my time of need. As intimidating as the legal process was, Robert made sure I knew he was going to be with me every step of the way. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the law was immediately apparent and was exactly the kind of help I needed. Whether it was in the office or in the court room, Robert and his staff delivered results. I highly recommend McGregor & Ernenwein.

William Uranga

Mr Ernenwein is hands down the best criminal defense lawyer you can have. My son and I were devastated with what we had to face and from day one he took control, calmed us down and took a terrible situation and turned the entire outcome around. The respect from his many years of experience and integrity in his community is for certain why we are whole again today. I can’t say enough about how grateful we are and how forntuate we were that someone we trusted recommended him to us. Best decision of our lives. Thank you Robert!

Karen Diener

I recently hired The Law Offices of McGregor and Ernenwein and couldn’t be more happy with the representation I received. My case took almost a year and Mr. Robert Ernenwein and his team were very successful in procuring an outcome that exceeded my expectations. The professionalism that was displayed on my behalf made a very stressful situation bearable as Mr. Ernenwein and his teams expertise were proven time and time again. I am glad to have this behind me, and am so grateful that I had Robert and his team on my side.

Michael Roddy

Robert Ernenwein came into our lives because he was the right person to help with my brother’s case. This started 3 years ago with a seemingly favorable case however things turned awry and through Robert’s expertise and network of professional colleagues, he saved my brother from becoming a DA’s “example.” Their fees were quite reasonable as well. It was still a rough time for my family because my brother had never had any run ins with the law before but with time, he was able to get early release of probation and Robert worked his magic and was able to eventually get his case dismissed. Now, my brother is able to FINALLY move on with his life and utilize the education he acquired and work in a field where he will be able to succeed. Thank you Robert Ernenwein for being our family’s advocate and the best lawyer that we could have asked for!

Carol Lee

A review of The Law Office of Robert Ernenwein.

I was fortunate enough to have had Mr. Ernenwein recommended to myself and a friend by another attorney working out of the South Bay. They told us he was a superstar, the guy we wanted in our corner, and that there was none better. Never having any experience with an attorney specialising in criminal defense, we had no idea what we were looking for or how to find it. We drove up to his Torrance office and were welcomed immediately, we felt more like friends or old acquaintances rather than looky-loos or just the next case through the door. Fast forward barely a quarter year, yes 3 months, and my particular set of issues have been 100 percent resolved. A mistake that would have lingered for several years, stress that would have added up daily, and opportunities that would have disappeared as a result of this mistake, resolved, relieved, and reinstated. In Conclusion, Mr.Ernenwein’s office not only holds legal superstars but people you can trust and count on. While I hope I never have to seek criminal legal defense again, I know life happens and with that I hope the Office of Robert Ernenwein will be in my corner always.

Sir 955

Mr. Ernenwein is an exceptional professional as well as a down to earth person. His ability to get things done in a timely manner illustrates his hard work and dedication for his clients. My issue was handled with great ease and I look forward to remaining in touch with Robert going forward. I deeply appreciate everything Mr. Ernenwein and his team have done for me.

Sam Moore

Robert Ernenwein is a great lawyer. He is honest and will work with you. He has been there with me in the hardest of times. No other lawyer will have more integrity than Mr. Ernenwein.

Christopher Gutierrez

On behalf of my wife and myself. I’d like to thank Mr. Robert Ernenwein and Matthew Rinaldi for their excellent work, their dedication to our case and the effort they provided us. I’d also like to thank the staff at McGregor & Ernenwein, LLP.
We had a criminal case and we are very fortunate to have been referred to McGregor & Ernenwein. From the moment we met Mr. Ernenwein, my wife and I both had a good feeling about him. He was professional, direct and very clear on what he could do for us. He never promised us what the outcome would be. He was very confident and assured us that he would do his best to get us a favorable decision. We were kept well informed throughout the process of all court proceedings and always had a line of communication open for us if we had any questions or concerns.
Our case was recently resolved after several court appearances and conferencing with the District Attorney’s Office. We were blessed to get a case dismissal and my wife and I are extremely grateful to Mr. Ernenwein and all of the staff. Thanks to them we can move on with our lives in a positive direction. We would highly recommend McGregor & Ernenwein, LLP. to anyone who needs quality legal representation.

Fabian Perez

I highly recommend the offices of McGregor & Ernenwein for your legal matters. I was refereed by two colleagues who have also used their services and I was extremely pleased with the service that i received. Matt Rinaldi handled my case and I was very confident in his ability to get the result I wanted. He is extremely thorough in his approach, went above and beyond and is ready, willing and very able to go to bat for his clients. Matt and the offices of McGregor and Ernenwein were very responsive in all matters and always available via email or on their cell phones. I would recommend this law office above any other, having done a lot of research, and would most definitely use their services in the future, should i need to. Because of the actions of my lawyer my case was completely dismissed which was a much better result that I could have ever wished for.

Dervla O’Neill

Bruce McGregor is not just a defense attorney. He is a good man of impeccable ethics who went above and beyond in defending me. His faith in me when I felt vilified and hopeless gave me the courage to persevere. On his own initiative, he called my mother, living in another state, to reassure her about her concerns. I felt in the best of possible hands having my case handled by Mr. McGregor. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Shasta Elson

Robert Ernenwein is a JOY to have as your lawyer!

Under his guidance, I received the best possible outcome in my case. I even enjoyed paying him, which is saying a lot.!! He made me a great deal, drew up a fantastic gameplan all the way through the results and probationary period, and represented me everytime in court. I never needed to show up because he was so professional and completely respected.

Robert asks you to call him by his first name, and is a personable and friendly guy who talks sports/current events as much as the law. He seems to really like you as a person, so this whole experience is made as easy and less stressfull as possible. He is a very down-to-earth guy with no attitude or arrogance, as one might expect from a lawyer of his caliber and experience.

I highly recommend Robert Ernenwein for you to hire when you need a lawer. His office will treat you right with fantastic service, and a comfortable atmosphere in central torrance, close to the courthouse.

Thanks Robert and staff!

Tony Jones

There are many law firms; many knowledgeable and competent lawyers, but relatively fewer legal teams that integrate care for the client’s disquiet with care for the legal matter at hand. The Law Offices of Robert Ernenwein is an exceptional organization that addresses both the legal nuance of the individual matter and the client’s apprehension as an outsider thrust into the esoteric area of legal procedure.

Attorney Ernenwein and his Operations Manager Kaitlin Tower went far beyond that which can reasonably be expected, devoting time to ensuring this anxious client was provided timely updates as the matter progressed. Always professional, patient and quick to respond to our questions, we felt the presence of a caring advocate throughout the process.

Competent and compassionate, we are especially grateful for the kindness and understanding we received with a matter that could not possibly have been their most serious. Their care and empathy, however, made us feel it was as important as any on their docket. We could not recommend them more highly.

RKP Gmail

My experience with Robert Ernenwein and his associates was nothing short of Top Notch!

He listened to and treated my wife and I with the utmost respect and professionalism along with open arms and the comfort of a long time friend.

After our initial meeting he then thoroughly viewed my case, he laid out his predictions regarding my case, which he then expertly executed, and the outcome was exactly as we had hoped.

He knows the law and the people working the court system. He’s ethical, smart and a fast thinker while always inserting wit along with some comical twist to keep you calm and confident. He assures that you understand the law and his approach to the details involved. Not only does he remind you throughout the legal matters but you believe and know that’s he’s on your side.

I will be forever grateful to him and would more than highly refer my friends or anyone else I know to his firm.

Greg LaGro

In prior consideration to my previous post, Ernenwein & Mathes both exceeded my expectations. I honestly wrote a review without consideration to my part of the obligation and they went above and beyond to help me in a time of need. I Appreciate their services as I assure you will too.

Jonathan Mathews

Robert is literally one of the best Criminal Defense Attorney’s I have ever come in contact with. My brother was arrested in October on three domestic violence counts in Redondo Beach, CA on vacation. He lives in NY. When I first contacted Robert my brother was in the Twin Towers detention center. He was not able to get through to us. Robert gave us the name of a bail bondsman who would ask for a smaller percentage of my brother’s $45,000.00 bond. Robert also worked with our budget. We do not have a lot of money and he was very kind and understanding of that. My brother is a New York City employee and when he was arrested he was at risk of losing his job. Robert helped us to save his job and make sure that once everything was over, my brother could go on with his normal life as if nothing happened. He also got my brother out of jail pretty quickly. When this first happened I drove up to Robert’s office to meet up with him. I did not get out of work until 5:00 p.m. and I live in San Diego. By the time I got up to Robert’s office it was close to 9:00 p.m. He sat for an hour and a half and explained everything to both my Mother and myself about what to expect. I have to say I was very impressed with him always being optimistic but keeping our expectations realistic. My first impression of him was I was very impressed. I work for Lawyers and I have to say for someone in that profession he has a lot more compassion and care than most. He literally is going through this trial with you. After several months of waiting for a date for the hearing, on December 4th the Prosecutor, (who has a reputation for taking guys like my brother down and making an example of them) wanted my brother to show up in court that day or the next. With no notice to his job and no regard for how much it would cost to get him out here. Robert asked the Judge to please consider my brothers location and please reconsider the date for trial. He was able to convince the Judge and Prosecutor to agree to a date in mid-January. This gave my brother time to make a reasonably priced flight and give his job proper notice that he will need to be absent. Robert and his team did an amazing job regarding the due diligence of the case as well. They hired a private investigator to listen to both the ex-girlfriend’s side of the story and a witness that was at the scene. After these interviews Robert was pretty confident the case would be dismissed but still reminding us to be prepared for what will happen if it is not. Ultimately the case was dismissed as he predicted. One other important aspect to point out about Robert and one colleague of his in particular (John) was literally any time me, my Mother or my Brother had a question we could get a hold of one of them. Since my family and I have never been through a Criminal investigation, we had many questions and many concerns. Robert and his team eased our minds every step of the way. Even the Secretary and the answering service were extremely accommodating. Overall I would recommend Robert Ernenwein to anyone. If anything ever happens again, I know exactly who to call. I cannot recommend him enough and I hope if you or someone you love ever is in a situation like this, you will call Robert. He will get you the best results and you will be at ease knowing you have an attorney who literally is going through this with you. Robert and his team go above and beyond what needs to be done. If anyone from his office reads this, I really cannot thank you enough.

Lara P.

Robert Ernenwein is a top notch criminal defense expert. This man is a true professional. He knows the angles and gets results. Mr Erenwein is well respected in the court system. In my case he found the truth and aggressively presented it resulting in the best possible outcome. He rocks in the court room.

Aaron Forgash

Thank you to Robert Ernenwein and his staff for helping me through a difficult time. I found him and his staff to be competent and responsive, and I was very pleased with the outcome. His many years of experience, professional relationships and solid reputation were what sold me on selecting Mr. Ernenwein, and I’m extremely relieved and thankful to have found him.

Beth Parotti

Robert Ernenwein, Esq. is more than a phenomenal attorney with vast knowledge of the minute intricacies of the law and unmatched experience, he is a person that cares deeply about improving people’s lives as evidenced by his empathy, expertise, professionalism and his commitment to his clients.

Everyone in my family including myself would refer Mr. Ernenwein for any and all criminal matters. My Father is a financial attorney and has referred Mr. Ernenwein to his clients and my Uncle carries around his business card in the off chance he might run into somebody that needs an attorney.

Mr. Ernenwein’s services have had a profoundly positive impact on my life and I am very fortunate to have had him in my corner.

Brandt Gibson

Character, class, calculated, charm, and charisma are words that describe Robert. My case was not clean-cut and it didn’t begin as most might. Robert picked up where another lawyer had failed me (after a preliminary hearing), which is not an ideal place to pick-up a case from a defense perspective (something I’ve learned by going through the process, but it should be noted that it was something that Robert was comfortable with). Suffice it to say that during the process of the transition of my case, I had the opportunity to interview approximately 20 different lawyers in Los Angeles County, ranging from fear driven future prospects to over confident, over extending, and over promising sales pitches. But something was different from the first time I spoke with Robert, there was a quiet confidence and experienced demeanor that was quite unique from the others I had interviewed. While Robert will never promise an outcome, he has an interesting insight and perspective on the system, and an extensive network of connections inside the district attorney offices in Los Angeles County. I felt after the intense amount of searching for someone to put my life in the hands of; Robert was the guy. From the onset of Roberts’s involvement, the approach changed dramatically. In my case; I was most interested in mitigation to avoid going to trial. There are no text books on this matter, so having a lawyer that has both a long line of experience, as well as professional relationships inside the district attorney’s office is a huge plus. After reviewing who I am both personally and professionally, and the incident at length, Robert came up with a strategy to approach the DA from. I can say with honesty that at first I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the strategy that he presented, but I’m also smart enough to know what I don’t know (and that is the legal system). So I cast aside my initial reservations in regards to the plan, knowing that from the onset I had enough confidence to put my life in the hands of Robert, so we decided to proceed with his proposed plan. The process of scheduling court dates and appearances took longer than I had hoped, but results are really the only thing that matters, so hindsight 20/20 the timeline isn’t something that really matters (after all, we are dealing with the government, and unfortunately they don’t always work at the pace one would hope). One other thing to note; Robert is not a lawyer that will overextend himself in regards to having non-substantive phone conversations, expect conversations to be adequately timed to work through the facts and matters of the case and not a client’s feelings. He is results driven and a very busy guy, which in the beginning took some getting used to, as I wanted weekly updates (if not daily), but looking back, his systematic approach is a very efficient way to run a business. It should not be confused with his absolute focus on individual cases. I can also say that over the period of time my case was active (5 months), Robert became a true friend. I will conclude by saying that the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Robert was able to get both (2) pending charges against me dropped (after a preliminary hearing) and reduced to a simple misdemeanor, in which if I complete requirements from the court the event in its entirety will be completely erased from my record by enrolling me in a pre-trial diversion program. I cannot thank Robert enough for his efforts, knowledge, and execution in my case. He is truly a life saver and a man I’ll never forget in my life. He gave me a second chance.

Kevin Quinlan

We are so grateful the hard work and dedication that Mr. Ernenwein put into our son’s case. It was a case that could easily have gone against our son as there was clear evidence against him. Mr. Ernenwein walked us through each step of the legal process so that we all understood exactly what was happening. Mr. Ernenwein was referred to me by someone who works in the courts and has witnessed him trying many cases first hand. His experience, reputation, and relationship with the DA’s office was a key factor to the good outcome of our case. His rates are competitive and fair. There were no unexpected costs. We knew going in what it would cost and that’s what it was. On a personal level, Mr. Ernenwein showed genuine concern and interest in our son and his well being. I highly recommend Mr. Ernenwein and can’t thank him enough.

Irene Colette

I was referred to the Law Offices of McGregor and Ernenwein from a family member and was recently was represented by Robert Ernenwein on a complicated matter. Legal issues can be anxiety producing but Robert did an amazing job analyzing a complex legal problem, simplifying it into something very easy for me to understand, and then providing a solution. His experience and talent was really evident when dealing with my case. Robert is detail oriented and will take the time to return phone calls and answer your questions. He serves his clients in the upmost professional manner and solves problems quickly. I highly recommend Robert and the Offices of McGregor and Ernenwein for your legal matters!

John Semel

He is honestly a great lawyer I made mistakes as a young man and was gonna be put away for ever my family got me Robert and he made so I came home alot sooner than later I’m now a hard worker own a house have a great family and I know it starts with the help of a good lawyer. Second chance at life. Thanks forever grateful.

Sammy Perez

Michelle Mathes has saved my life. I am an Ivy League trained physician, who has graduated from Yale. I lived in PVE, enjoying a charmed life. Recently my life unraveled while going through a traumatic divorce and child custody battle. I was involved in a domestic dispute with my abusive husband. I was being charged with multiple felonies by the district attorney, on which they were not willing to budge. I have no prior criminal history & these felony charges would have made me lose my medical license (MD), livelihood, & children. Reacting out of panic, I only made the situation worst. Most other lawyers found me too challenging to work with; they advised Robert and Michelle to drop my case and give up on me. Robert is a consummate professional who does not give up. Michelle is a brilliant humanist who is capable of thinking with both her heart and her mind, & she definitely does not give up. They didn’t give up on me, and that made all the difference! I’m eternally grateful to them both. Michelle has had a profound impact on my life. She not only has a firm grasp of legal matters, but also of human emotions. This dynamic duo worked all hours of the day and night on my case. They exerted effort way beyond the amount that I had paid them. They were continuously and immediately responsive. They spend innumerable hours holding my hand and walking me through the process. When I thought that I was a lost cause, Michelle helped me believe in myself and my future, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. On my 39th birthday, the judge handed down a ruling dismissing all of my felony charges. I now have a job as a Neuroradiologist, making six figures, resuming relations with my children; I have a sense of self-worth and a narrative that I don’t feel ashamed of anymore. All of this is thanks to Michelle. I trust this powerful team with my life, because they have saved it time and time again. They have the talent, integrity & fortitude to help you save yours. I recommend them highly!

Khadijeh Kadivar

Bruce McGregor was referred to me and I was so happy that he was. He made the process as easy as possible and resolved my matter with the exact result that I had wanted. All of the staff are a pleasure to work with, especially Mr. Reyes whom I had direct contact with. Overall it was a great experience in a not so great situation in my life.

Stephanie Beaudry

We hired Robert and his team about two years ago. He successfully negotiated a settlement for us. He has been great to work with. He provides timely updates with great communication in email and conference calls. I highly recommend hiring Robert and his team.

Gregg Thomas Towsley

Kaitlin, Stephanie and the team at Ernenwein & Johnson were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. They got my legal issue that had been persisting for years resolved in just over a month! It’s clear that they are absolute experts at what they do, and I can’t thank them enough.

Emma Marson

Excellent experienced Lawyer! Very professional and detailed. The support staff has great follow through and communication is five star. I recommend him to anyone looking for a REAL lawyer.

Ray V

Robert Ernenwein was great! He kept me up to date on all the information I needed and it was only because of his help and expertise that my case was DISMISSED!

Natalie Tabor

He is very good and his experience and knowledge will go far in the courtroom. It doesn’t hurt that he is friends with many of the DA’s in the area.

Diego Arriola

BEST CRIMINAL DEFENSE IN TORRANCE. Hired him for my case. Case was handled quickly. HE KNOWS HOW TO FIGURE SOMETHING OUT. Worth it. no hassle.

Eddie Parra

Mr. Ernenwein knows what he is doing . The staff is so friendly and helpful . I would would highly recommend coming here and I am so thankful I found them.

Andrea Hernandez

Great staff and friendy service.

Bill Mena

Thanks alot for kindly helping my son

Zuhoor Afghan