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Assault And Battery Explanation

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When Tempers Fly, California Assault Charges Can Result

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot for emotions to heighten and tempers to flare. These types of situations are especially prevalent when crowds are involved.

Take Black Friday as an example. Every year, holiday shoppers prep and plan for the day of the year when retailers slash prices significantly in preparation for the gift-giving season. Known as Black Friday, because it is the time of year when retailers are in the “black” regarding revenue, this day is characterized by crowds, lines and a lot of sleep-deprived shoppers. It is also a time when assault among shoppers is reported.

In 2011, a story hit the news after a woman in Porter Ranch, California, allegedly used pepper spray to improve her chances of obtaining one of the hot deals of the day at Walmart. Supposedly, about 20 people, including women and children, were hurt when the woman sprayed the crowd. It was reported that such injuries as bruises and chemical irritation, were sustained. The incident occurred as shoppers waited to purchase the Xbox video console and Wii video games.

Assault And Battery Charges

While it is not clear whether this particular woman allegedly involved in the Walmart incident will be charged by police, it does highlight that things can quickly become escalated. It also shows that people, who may not have had past run-ins with the law, could still face criminal charges.

In California, if you are found guilty of assault or battery, you could be looking at jail time. But that’s not all. Your employment, both current and future, could be at stake.

Assault and battery charges are serious and should not be taken lightly. If you have been accused of assault with a deadly weapon or some other charge, you need to talk with a Torrance criminal lawyer immediately. An attorney will be able to explain your rights.

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