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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer: Carrying A Concealed Weapon

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“Doesn’t the second amendment give me the right to bear arms? Why was I arrested for carrying a concealed weapon?”

These questions might be going through your mind, if you have been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Los Angeles. There is often confusion regarding gun laws and what is and is not considered legal. If you are uncertain about California gun restrictions, you have come to the right place.

While the meaning of the second amendment is heavily debated especially between anti-gun groups and the National Rifle Association, our state law does make it clear what its stance is on weapons. According to California Penal Code Section 12025 PC, it is a crime to carry a concealed weapon in your vehicle or “on your person.”

What You Should Know About Concealed Weapons Charges In Los Angeles

If you are found with a concealed firearm, such as a handgun, you could be looking at jail time, a hefty fine and probation. Even if the firearm doesn’t work, you could still be found guilty of violating state law.

The prosecution will be looking to prove a couple of things in your case to ensure you pay for your alleged crime. First, they will try to prove that you had a weapon, whether it was in your control or in your vehicle. Second, they will attempt to show that you concealed this weapon in some way. If they are successful, you will be convicted of a crime and will have to pay the consequences.

You should know that you can fight back. Just because you have been accused of breaking the law, doesn’t mean you actually did. It is your right to defend yourself and to hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to help you.

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