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How are people drawn into white-collar crime?


Many severe types of criminal offenses result in serious physical harm to those on the receiving end. Thus, sentences tend to reflect this, with the imposition of jail time and large fines.

There is also another form of crime that is taken very seriously in California, and that is white-collar crime. White-collar crime generally involves no physical harm being done to the victims. Rather, they tend to have been economically damaged, with the perpetrator reaping the financial rewards. These types of crimes can also have a significant impact on the emotional well-being of victims. However, the causes of such criminal activity are not straightforward.

Some workplaces may actually encourage criminal activity

White-collar crimes are often committed in business environments, due to their financial status. If a working environment is tolerant of deviant behavior, it can be easy for an employee to get caught up in criminal activity. In fact, a business may even encourage criminal activity or pressure workers into complying so that they can make quotas or put out good financial reports.

Revenge can also be a motivator

Sometimes, employees act out of revenge. They may be working for an employer who has not treated them well over the years, by making unfair wage deductions or paying them less than they’re worth. It is possible that such factors may lead a person to believe that they are justified in behaving in a similar way, by taking back something that they feel they are entitled to in the first place.

Whatever motivates them, white-collar offenses tend to carry with them severe penalties. If you find yourself facing charges in California, it is important to remember that you have legal rights as well as a presumption of innocence.

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