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Possession of Methamphetamine For Sale Attorney in Torrance, CA

What Does It Mean If You Have Been Charged With Possession of Methamphetamine For Sale In Torrance, CA?

Without question, the state of California is very tough on drug dealers. That means if you are accused of methamphetamine possession for sale in Los Angeles, the prosecution is going to work very hard to make sure you pay for your supposed crime. Sitting back and not taking action could cost you. You may find yourself in prison for years and forced to pay a significant fine. But that’s not all. When you are found guilty of selling meth, it can affect your future for years to come.

Some Things You Should Know About Methamphetamine Charges

Simply possessing meth, also referred to as speed, crystal and crystal meth, is not necessarily a serious charge. The situation gets more complicated when it is believed you had to intent to sell those drugs. However, for the prosecution to win their case against you, they will need to prove that you were planning to sell the meth, which is not always easy for them to do.

The penalty for possession of meth varies depending on the amount of drugs that were found by law enforcement and your criminal background. There are other factors involved that could influence how you are sentenced, as well.

You Have The Right To Defend The Charges Against You

Even if you think the prosecution has a strong case against you, it still doesn’t mean you are automatically guilty. There are many defenses that come up in cases involving meth sales, which is why it is so important that you contact an attorney right away. A lawyer will be able to identify if there was an illegal search and seizure and whether your rights were violated in some way. In addition, your attorney will be able to review all the evidence against you to see if there are weak areas in the prosecution’s case.

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