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Little white lies could endanger your real estate license


Much of your job as a real estate professional involves finessing the truth. You won’t refer to an unpleasantly tiny house as cramped but rather cozy. You will try to draw the attention of buyers to the features of a home and not the repairs that it needs.

While it makes sense to highlight the good and draw people away from the bad, some of the ways you hide or tweak the truth could lead to significant career consequences. What seems like a white lie could endanger your career and potentially lead to criminal charges.

Lying to financial institutions can cause problems

A real estate professional may pride oneself on their ability to get their clients into their dream home. However, some people will bend the rules or even break the law to get their desired results. An agent who encourages borrowers to misrepresent their income or makes alterations to loan paperwork might lead to allegations of mortgage fraud which could later impact your license.

Any sort of infraction that involves a violation of law or the rules that you agreed to when you accepted your license could lead to disciplinary actions, including the potential loss of your license. Even if you don’t face charges, your employer or an angry client could report the issue by making a complaint to the California Department of Real Estate. The resulting investigation could lead to disciplinary action that may cost your license.

Defending against pending criminal charges won’t just protect your freedom but also your professional license and your right to continue practicing your chosen profession.

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