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What is forgery, and why is it serious?


Some people mistakenly think that white-collar crimes aren’t serious; however, all crimes can have negative impacts on a person’s life. One crime that might seem very minor to some is forgery. This crime is actually very serious and can lead to criminal penalties, as well as collateral consequences.

Some people associate forgery with the unauthorized signing of checks. While that’s one form of this offense, there are many others.

What exactly is forgery?

Forgery can encompass several actions. These include:

  • Creating phony documents, including photo identification or birth certificates
  • Signing another person’s name, including using a photocopy of a signature
  • Counterfeiting currency or other goods

One of the keys to a forgery charge is that there must be the intent to deceive someone. This means that a person could mimic a work of art or create a false document. If they try to pass off the document or art as a valid and real thing, this may be forgery.

Forgery is sometimes associated with identity theft. Even in these cases, there must be an attempt to defraud someone. These cases might involve obtaining credit or credentials in another person’s name and passing them off as your own.

Anyone who’s charged with forgery should ensure they learn about their defense options. Working through the possibilities early on in your case may help you build a better strategy for your side of the matter. Be sure that you work with someone who can provide you with a realistic look at the matter and ensure your rights are being upheld throughout the case.

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