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Defending Theft-Related Cases


In this short video, Robert Ernenwein, a South Bay Criminal Defense Attorney with 30+ years of experience defending clients in court, discusses his approach and strategy to cases involving theft crimes like Petty Theft, Grand Theft, Credit Card Fraud, etc.

Find answers to the following questions:

  • What types of theft related offenses do we defend?
  • Is it possible to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor?
  • Is it possible to avoid jail time?
  • Does it cost anything to review my case with you?

To learn more about our Theft Crime Defense practice, visit the following pages:

  • Practice Areas: Theft Related Offenses

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Transcript – Defending Theft-Related Cases:

I represent people regularly that are charged with theft related offenses and it really runs a wide range of cases. I represent clients that are charged with simple petty theft involving, for example, a retail store a Nordstrom or Macy’s. I represent clients that are charged with grand theft where, for example, the theft exceeds several hundred dollars in loss. It can include an employer.

I represent clients involved in cases involving credit card fraud, cases involving embezzlement which are generally felony types of cases. So, I represent clients across the wide spectrum of theft related offenses from misdemeanor type of behavior to felony cases. These are cases where you really need to have a strong defense.

On most misdemeanor cases we can resolve the cases for diversion in Los Angeles County, commonly referred to as judicial diversion, or probationary sentences. Very often we’re able to get the charges changed from a theft-related offense, which has a real stigma to it, to something not involving theft such as a trespass or disturbing the peace.

On felony cases, the strategy is very often to develop and get the restitution, to pay the restitution, and then try to negotiate the case to a probationary sentence, hopefully without any custody time. Maybe even reduce the matter to a misdemeanor.

Very often in felony cases, I’m able to ultimately have the matter reduced to a misdemeanor and then the case is expunged or dismissed from the criminal record.

But these are always difficult cases in terms of the trauma that it causes the individual and I understand that and I empathize with that. I’m here to stand with you during this very difficult time and to fight with you and to prepare you to make sure that the case gets the best possible result.

I’m a former prosecutor in this community. I have been practicing criminal defense law for 30-plus years in this community. I’m board certified by the California State Bar in criminal law as an expert in this particular area. And so I’m here for you. I’m here to listen and to work with you and to move forward toward the best possible resolution.

It starts with a free consultation. It starts with you coming in and sitting with me confidentially and discussing your case with no obligation, to figure out what happened and what your position is and what strategies might be employed to get to the right place.

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