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Woman charged with violent crimes after assault and homicide


Violent crimes are taken very seriously in California. Those who are facing charges related to these offenses should be aware of how to cobble together a strong defense regardless of the circumstances. While this is vital in all cases, it is especially true in homicide cases like one that recently resulted in a woman’s death in Anza.

The incident led to a woman, 32, being placed under arrest for suspicion of first-degree murder. Law enforcement was called about an altercation shortly after 1 a.m. There was said to be a battery taking place. Upon their arrival, deputies found two women who had multiple injuries stemming from an attack. One woman, 58, was treated at the scene but later declared dead. The other woman was taken to the hospital where she had surgery. Her condition had not been updated.

Slightly less than 24 hours later, the suspect was taken into custody. She was charged with attempted murder and first-degree murder. Her bail was set at $1 million. Currently, no other suspects are believed to have been involved. The investigation is continuing.

The consequences for any arrest can be significant, but if it is for a violent crime, there can be life-changing penalties. For homicide, the defendant could be incarcerated for life. Still, just because there are homicide charges, this does not mean that a conviction is likely. There could be strategies of defense to gain an acquittal. A plea bargain could be a possibility as well. Before saying or doing anything else, a defendant may want to discuss their case with a criminal defense attorney.

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