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Why would someone falsely accuse you of domestic violence?

domestic violence

No relationship is devoid of ups and downs. Even the happiest marriage goes through a period of disagreements. However, if the relationship breaks down beyond repair, it could lead to something more aggressive, including false claims of domestic violence.

Dealing with a false domestic violence accusation can be frightening, to say the least. Before you can even begin to collect yourself and tell your side of the story, you might find yourself already convicted in the court of public opinion.

Why would anybody do this? Here are two possible reasons:

To gain an upper hand during divorce

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for someone to fabricate false domestic violence allegations in order to gain leverage during a divorce and child custody case.

Such claims are usually common when kids are involved. Your alleged victim may be trying to paint you as a violent person who is not fit for custody – or they may simply want to keep you from the kids in order to hurt you.

Simply to get revenge for the breakup

Besides divorce, false claims of domestic violence can also be motivated by revenge. Perhaps there was an argument but things did not escalate to the level of violence, or your ex is simply angry about the breakup. Maybe they just want to ruin your reputation so that they can garner sympathy from others.

Relationships are wonderful when they are working. Unfortunately, a relationship can turn sour and detrimental due to a variety of reasons. If you find yourself facing a false domestic violence charge after a breakup, it is important that you explore your defense options so your safeguard your rights and interests.

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