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2 times commercial drivers can lose their licenses over alcohol

commercial driver

Professionals who drive as part of their jobs may have to secure a commercial driver’s license (CDL), particularly if they drive large vehicles. A CDL makes someone eligible to drive vehicles like semitrucks. Having a commercial license can lead to very lucrative professional opportunities.

Commercial drivers do have to adhere to a stricter standard regarding their performance at the wheel. The regulations for commercial drivers are different than the rules that apply to those with a standard driver’s license. Safety regulations limit how long commercial drivers can remain at the wheel and also how much alcohol they can drink before driving.

There are at least two scenarios in which a commercial driver could be at risk of losing their commercial license due to alcohol consumption.

When they go to work after having a drink

Many people will already be able to feel the warning signs of chemical impairment when they approach the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers. For most drivers, the limit is 0.08%, at which point people feel noticeably affected by alcohol.

However, the legal limit for someone controlling a commercial vehicle is just 0.04%. A commercial driver may not realize that they are dangerously close to the limit and could end up pulled over and at risk of losing their commercial license.

When they drive drunk in their persona vehicles

The mistakes that someone makes while not at work can potentially affect their professional opportunities. A driver’s eligibility for a CDL may end after a drunk driving infraction in a personal vehicle.

Anyone with a CDL who is facing impaired driving charges could be at risk of losing their commercial eligibility and therefore their income. Defending against impaired driving allegations can help protect someone’s reputation and profession.

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