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Probation violations are serious business


Probation is an important part of the criminal justice system. It often allows people who have committed a first offense or a minor crime to avoid jail time. Probation can also allow people who have served part of their sentence to return to their lives much earlier. Regardless of the circumstances, however, you have to follow the rules that go along with your probation period.

Meeting with your probation officer

Most people on probation will have to meet with their probation officer on a regular basis. This might require you to take off work, which could lead to your job having to know that you’re on probation. There’s also a chance that your probation officer will contact your employer to verify employment.

The meetings with your probation officer are a time when they will verify that you’re complying with the other terms of the program. This includes making it to any required court appearances, staying out of legal trouble, remaining within a geographic region if required, and staying away from other people who are accused or convicted of crimes. You may also have to take (and pass) a series of drug tests while you’re on probation.

Being accused of a probation violation

When you don’t comply with the terms of the probation program, you may be accused of a probation violation. These are serious matters that are handled via a bench trial in which the judge hears the evidence and makes a ruling about what’s going to happen. Having an attorney to represent you in this matter is critical.

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