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How a DUI can affect your reputation


If you a person who prides yourself on how you are viewed in your community, or you have a serious profession with a reputation to uphold, you will need to make sure that the actions you take in your private life are aligned with how you want to be viewed in your public life. However, you must also acknowledge that sometimes, situations come about that you have no control of, for example being falsely arrested for a DUI.

When a person is arrested or convicted on DUI charges, the word can spread quickly. This is partly because those who drink and drive are considered to be irresponsible people who allowed their drinking habit to endanger innocent people on the road. If you are a respected professional and you are worried about the way a DUI could affect your reputation, the following is an overview of the common consequences of a DUI arrest or conviction.

Your career may be in danger>

Not only will the actions you’ll need to take after a DUI arrest affect your ability to go to work — you’ll need to attend court dates, and may face jail time and community service hours — but you’ll also be at risk of losing your job if convicted. Many employers may decide that they do not want to continue employing someone who has been convicted of drunk driving, especially if you have a high-responsibility job.

You may lose friends>

It’s common for people to reassess how they see a person who has been arrested or convicted of DUI charges. While you may feel shame and embarrassment, you may not want to apologize or be defensive about the event since this may be perceived as an admission of guilt. If you consider yourself to be a highly respected member of your community, this may change if you are convicted.

If you are worried about your personal and professional future after being arrested on DUI charges, you must take swift action to defend yourself.

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