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Protect yourself against claims of identity theft

identity theft

It’s possible that you could commit identity theft accidentally. Not everyone considers this a possibility, but it can and does happen.

Identity theft happens when you use another person’s identity or information to benefit in some way. If you have permission to use someone’s information, then you haven’t committed identity theft. If you do not have permission or permission has been revoked, then you could face penalties for using another person’s information to make a purchase or complete another task.

You could be falsely accused of identity theft

It’s possible to be falsely accused of identity theft. Imagine this: You log into a computer in a public library and decide to make a purchase on Amazon. You go through the motions and check out, adjusting your delivery address. You click to order and don’t think about which card is in place, since you usually order items on a person computer.

Later, you are accused of identity theft for using another person’s payment method that was left in the public computer. It was an accident and oversight, but charges are still possible.

You need a strong defense against identity theft charges

It is serious when you’re accused of identity theft. Identity theft can lead to incarceration, fines, restitution, probation and other serious penalties. That’s why you will want to learn as much as you can about the exact penalties you’re facing and how they may affect you.

When you find out that you’re being investigated for identity theft or you are arrested after being accused of stealing someone’s information, you need to quickly start forming a defense. When you speak with your attorney, it is important to tell them the truth about what happened and to make sure you know which charges you’re facing and the potential penalties. Depending on the cost of the item you purchased or the person’s identity that you’re accused of stealing, you could be facing a wide range of penalties.

A good defense may go a long way towards protecting you and preventing you from being unfairly prosecuted or having your rights violated as you go through the criminal justice system.

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