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Even the finest leaders are susceptible to white collar crime


When people hear the word, “criminal,” they often associate that person with a having a rough appearance or having led a difficult life. However, prominent business leaders in California can also be convicted of a crime if they are found to be participating in suspicious or illegal activity in the workplace.

Interestingly, often, those individuals who are charged with criminal conduct against their employer or other beneficiaries of the company they work for, have been entrusted with important responsibilities. Many of them have upheld polished resumes and reputations and may be well-known across their company. They may even be known throughout their industry as individuals who have made a significant impact in their line of work. In many recent cases of white-collar crimes, the perpetrators were in positions of trust and authority.

Feelings of entitlement are one relatively common reason why people consider compromising their employer in the first place. Additionally, they may lack the appropriate oversight from superiors and lateral colleagues and are thus able to get away with suspicious activity without being found out immediately. What may come as a surprise to many is that some of these people end up taking risks so severe, that they end up compromising both their career and freedom. With people becoming increasingly creative about committing fraud without their employer finding out, businesses may benefit from focusing their efforts on the opportunities their employees may potentially consider.

If people have made the mistake of participating in a white-collar crime, it is not the end of their life. With the help of a reliable attorney, they may be able to overcome their past and continue to strengthen their reputation as they make the effort to recover their life.


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