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Domestic violence charges when a partner tries to frame you


People are falsely accused of domestic violence for so many reasons, whether their spouse wants to win a custody battle by bringing up false claims or an ex wants to get revenge and shatter their former lover’s life. Sometimes, people go to great lengths in order to accuse someone of domestic violence, even though the details of the situation have been greatly exaggerated or made up altogether. For example, someone may hurt themselves and claim that their partner was responsible for their injuries. They may hit themselves in the head or another part of their body in order to back up their claims.

It can be extremely difficult for many people to defend themselves against these charges. Not only are domestic violence cases heavily stigmatized, but it is often one person’s word against another’s. Regrettably, courts may favor the person who claims to have been abused, which is why it is so pivotal to take these claims seriously and do all you can to prepare for your case. If you fail in the courtroom, your life could be turned on end in multiple ways. Your relationship with your kids may be in jeopardy, your reputation may be tarnished and you could face problems in your career as well as future employment opportunities.

If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, do not waste any time when it comes to approaching your case. It is vital for you to protect your future and commit to having the truth brought out in court.

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