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Is your professional license on the line after a DUI conviction?


After a DUI conviction in California, your driving license will be suspended. However, that may be the least of your worries if you hold a professional license. Are you in danger of losing your whole career because of a DUI conviction?

Your worries are not misplaced since a conviction gives you a permanent criminal record unless you have it expunged. So, how can a DUI conviction affect your private and professional life?

People may lose their trust in you

After a DUI conviction, you will likely be deemed to have exhibited poor judgment. In addition, if your profession hinges on personal trust, like a real estate agent or a lawyer, you may lose some clients.

It may curtail your daily operations

With a suspended driving license, you cannot drive yourself around. This may greatly inconvenience you if your job involves moving from one place to another.

Higher insurance premiums

Outside your professional life, you may find yourself paying higher insurance premiums after a DUI conviction. Insurance premiums are calculated based on the probability of risk, and drunk driving is considered risky. It can only mean one thing – higher premiums.

Will your practice license be revoked?

In California, no law says you’ll lose your professional license after a DUI conviction. It depends on the policies of the board or agency you belong to. Every case is looked at separately, and it could go either way, depending on the circumstances.

All in all, it is imperative not to throw caution to the wind and proceed without a care since it might cost you your livelihood. Instead, protect your legal rights by learning more about the options at your disposal if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a DUI conviction.

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