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Mending your reputation after a criminal charge or conviction


If you have been charged with or convicted of a criminal offense in California, your number one priority may not be repairing your reputation. Still, there may come a time when you want to put the past behind you and resume your life and career.

That’s not always easy. Having a criminal charge or conviction not only taints your standing professionally and personally, but it can profoundly affect your relationships with friends, colleagues, superiors and even your family. They may wonder if they can trust you now. Maybe they fear that you have a hidden dark side they never knew existed. People might question your morals and values. They could believe you are reckless or self-centered.

Experts say that giving your reputation an overhaul after a negative event like a criminal charge or conviction is possible. An important point to keep in mind, however, is that it won’t happen quickly. Formulating a plan to get your good name back takes plenty of effort, patience, thought and time.

Strategies for improving your professional and community standing

All these tips may not work for everyone but consider the following:

  • Find out what misinformation is circulating about you on social and print media. Then counter it with the facts.
  • You may feel bitter or vindictive. Try to move past emotions that clutter your perspective.
  • Consider switching careers. Starting over in a new profession may be a sensible choice.

Don’t expect to be seen in an ideal or flattering way by others again right now – or possibly ever. Attempt to re-establish your footing with people, but recognize what is doable and what isn’t.

Think about customizing them to suit your particular situation. The type of business or industry you are in may also affect how you go about fixing your reputation. When your future is on the line due to criminal charges, don’t hesitate to seek experienced guidance.

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