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Why is strangulation such a serious concern in domestic violence?


It is a running gag on one of the longest-running adult-oriented cartoons in the United States for the father in the family unit to ring his son’s neck out of frustration when the child acts up — a behavior that the child sometimes returns to his father.

While this mutual choking can be comedic in a cartoon environment, it is a dangerous practice in the real world. What may simply start as an impulse to quiet someone down can do permanent or fatal damage to them.

The increased risks associated with strangulation or choking are exactly why there are rules requiring that law enforcement officers ask victims about strangulation attempts and document any injuries to their necks.

What makes strangulation more dangerous than some other forms of violence?

Any interpersonal violence can have lasting physical and psychological effects on the victim and those who witnessed the crime. Strangulation is a unique form of assault because it can cause permanent injury in less than a minute and possibly be fatal in less time than it takes for someone to regain control over themselves during a lapse in judgment.

Strangulation can deprive the brain of blood flow put and oxygen, possibly resulting in permanent brain damage or death. Additionally, researchers associate strangulation with an increased likelihood of intimate partner homicide.

If evidence seems to support strangulation in your domestic violence case, that could affect everything from how the state charges you to the sentencing you face. Anyone accused of domestic violence can defend themselves in court, but doing so will likely require experienced legal guidance.

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