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What Happens When You’re Accused of Los Angeles DUI & You’re Under 21?


For college-aged individuals, the consequences of a DUI charge are not often on the forefront of their minds. That is why it is surprising when they discover that there are stricter guidelines in place when it comes to drinking alcohol and driving when you are under the age of 21.

Based on California law, if a driver under 21 has any measurable alcohol in his or her blood, a DUI charge may follow. Unlike drivers who are over 21 and allowed to have a blood alcohol content (BAC of .07 percent or lower, under-age drinkers aren’t given the same leeway. For those under 21, even a BAC of .01% can be in violation of the law).

If you or a family member has been accused of DUI, you need to get legal advice, immediately. A DUI offense can have stiff penalties, not to mention the future impact it can have on your life.

Get Expert Legal Advice about Your DUI Case

At Ernenwein, our Torrance DUI defense team has successfully defended those who have been accused of DUI. We know what it takes to build strong defenses, and many times we have been able to get our clients’ charges reduced or dismissed.

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