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Redondo Beach Attorney Slain in Her Own Home


On July 22, 2015, an incident occurred that forever altered the life of 53-year-old Robert Brian Reagan. Reagan allegedly stabbed his girlfriend at the time, Loredana Nesci, repeatedly and resulted in her death at their Redondo Beach home on the block of 1900 Nelson Avenue. Loredana Nesci was a Redondo Beach attorney who had a SundanceTV reality show that followed her around chronicling her daily life in 2014. The couple share one son named Rocco who was present in their home during the time of the altercation.

Reagan has been charged with first-degree murder; trial began August 3rd and is being represented by Shepard Kopp who believes his client is innocent and has every intention in proving so. Deputy District Attorney Allyson Ostrowski showed jurors pictures of the damage the alleged stabbing motions had created. Ostrowski claimed that the pictures were graphic because it was a “gruesome crime” that had caused her insides to look like “swiss cheese” with abdominal wounds reaching an astonishing length of seven inches. The altercation occurred at about 4 in the morning yet Reagan called the Redondo Beach Police Department three hours later at 7:15 a.m. He called his family prior to calling R.B.P.D. and they came to pick up Rocco, their young son, at 6 a.m. along with a check for $3,500, a laptop, multiple musical instruments and a bicycle. The accused claimed that he knew he was going to be arrested and took preventative measures to ensure the well-being of his son.

Reagan’s attorney claims his client is innocent and only acted in self-defense. Furthermore, Kopp alleges that the death was an accident. It was a raging argument that had started it all and subsequently became physical. According to Reagan’s testimony, they began verbally assaulting each other then Nesci slapped and punched him in the face. Reagan reacted impulsively and slapped Nesci back in the face. The Redondo Beach attorney Nesci furiously ordered him to get the “eff out” and Reagan complied and left the room in hopes that things would de-escalate. He walked back into the same room where they event happened and Nesci had a hunting knife that she intended to use. Reagan and the Redondo Beach attorney Nesci struggled before she eventually fell onto the blade, according to Reagan. He then realized she was dead because she stopped moving entirely. Kopp went on to share with the media that the accident only happened while Reagan attempted to remove the weapon from her.

Reagan was arrested and then released after he posted bail. Kopp has every intention on providing evidence to the jury panel to prove his client’s innocence and show that this was indeed an accidental death and not a homicide.
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