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Robert Ernenwein Bio


In this short video, we introduce you to Robert Ernenwein, a South Bay Criminal Defense Attorney with 30+ years of experience defending clients in court.

Mr. Ernenwein is a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys and is Certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has been named as a “Super Lawyer” by Los Angeles Magazine and has appeared as a legal analyst on multiple cable news programs, including Fox News. The experience and capabilities Robert Ernenwein will bring to your defense are unmatched. He will use his expertise as a former prosecutor to either get charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense and will use any and all available defenses to protect you against a conviction.

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Transcript – Robert Ernenwein Bio:

I was born and raised in Port Washington, Long Island. I’m a New Yorker. I’m a transplant here to California and I went to grammar school and intermediate school and high school in Long Island. I used to spend my summers in upstate New York in a little town called Rosendale and then during my teenage years, I spent several years in Highland Lake, New York.

When I was younger I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I will tell you that in high school I was always very interested in government and I was very interested in the political process and so I think I always knew that I wanted to do something that was government-based.

After I graduated from law school, I was lucky enough to hear through the grapevine that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office was hiring deputy district attorneys and I was assigned immediately to the Compton branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. It was a real window into humanity.

It was a very difficult time for the people of Compton and what I learned was that crime in a community victimizes not only the individual victims but it really victimizes everyone in the community. It victimizes the children. It victimizes the homeowners, the teachers, the professionals and the small business owners and they were suffering so terribly from this epidemic of crime. I really felt incredibly fulfilled at being able to be a prosecutor and to help protect them and to help forward their interest. It’s a time I’ll never forget.

I remember when I was assigned to Compton, I was in a room with other Deputy District Attorneys, and as the assignments were being handled out, some received the assignment of Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Malibu. And I remember the grins on their face, the happy faces that were exhibited at getting these plum assignments. And of course, when Compton was handed down it was considered a really bad assignment. It couldn’t have been anything but a great assignment.

When people ask me about Compton, I say “Oh that’s my home court” because even 30 years later I still consider it my home court. I still consider it a home away from home if you will and I still have the fondest memories from Compton and I love going back.

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