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LAPD Officers Cleared of Wrongdoing Involving Death of Man Who Had a Toy Gun


Two LAPD officers were cleared this week by the city’s Board of Police Commissioners. They shot a man named Eric Rivera, 20, who was holding a toy gun before running him over with their squad car. Upon approaching Rivera, the officer driving the squad car jumped out with such haste and failed to put the vehicle in park causing it to roll forward onto Rivera.

The victim was shot a total of 11 times.

The civilian body that oversees the Los Angeles Police Department agreed unanimously alongside the findings of Chief Charlie Beck that the shooting was justified and within department policy. However, the family of Eric Rivera thinks differently and wants justice; they filed a federal lawsuit against the city, and their attorney, Arnolda Casillas, said that Officers Arturo Urrita and Daniel Ramirez should be charged with a crime.

Beck cleared the shooting along with the panel but did go on to mention that every officer is expected to place their vehicle in park to avoid any incidents with bystanders.

The Rivera family attorney made a comment last year that the shooting was unjustified because the officers told Rivera to get down on the ground while the car was already rolling toward him. Rivera’s mother, Valeria Rivera, made a statement where she said she just wants justice for he child and that the officers need to take responsibility for their actions.

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