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Arizona Suspect Kills Himself as Authorities Arrive


Dwight Lamon Jones, 56, suspected of killing six people in the Phoenix area turned the gun on himself Monday.

Some of his victims were connected to his November 2010 divorce case, including his prominent psychiatrist who testified against him years ago and two paralegals who worked for the law office that represented the suspect’s wife. Along with the two paralegals, Counselor Marshall Levine, 72, was killed in a mistaken identity case.

Levine occupied the office that someone else once had that was involved with the case. His first victim was Steve Pitt, who was the doctor that had evaluated Jones and testified that he had anxiety and mood disorders and symptoms of a paranoid personality. The doctor also said that Jones exhibited impulsive and aggressive tendencies, lacked remorse and required excessive admiration.

The testimony was cited in the couple’s divorce and granted Jones’ wife sole custody of their now 21-year-old child. The suspect’s ex-wife, Connie Jones, said in a statement that her ex-husband was a “very emotionally disturbed person” and that she has “personally feared” for her safety throughout their marriage.

Jones had also been linked to two other killings in Phoenix who names have not been publicly disclosed yet. Authorities in Arizona tracked 56-year-old Dwight Lamon Jones to an extended-stay hotel in Scottsdale. Officers evacuated nearby rooms before hearing gunfire and finding his body.

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