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1 suspected of drunk driving following alleged pursuit


Although being involved in a traffic stop can be an intimidating experience, attempting to evade authorities is never advisable. A similar decision could only increase the severity of the charges against a person and it could also lead to increased suspicion of the presence of unlawful behavior. A person has been taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving following a brief pursuit that is said to have taken place in California.

According to reports, the incident began just after 5 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. Authorities say they were attempting to initiate a traffic stop upon encountering a driver who was suspected of being impaired when the man decided to flee. As the pursuit approached excessive speeds on a local freeway, authorities say they were forced to call it off for safety reasons.

Law enforcement agents say they were able to locate the driver soon thereafter and assert that he stopped to drop off a passenger. After the man allegedly ditched the vehicle and took off in an unoccupied police cruiser, authorities claim they were eventually able to bring the chase to a close and take the man into custody. He is reportedly facing multiple charges in connection with the alleged incident, including reckless drunk driving and theft of a police vehicle.

It is no secret that being accused of drunk driving can be a daunting process. Those who face similar charges and wish to gain insight on how best to approach the situation could benefit from retaining the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can provide a client in California with advice in making informed decisions about his or her case and assist in forming a strategy to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable during subsequent court proceedings.

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