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Man on DUI probation arrested for unregistered guns in California


When on probation for any crime, it is very important to follow the regulations laid out by that probation in order to avoid getting arrested again. This became very clear recently when a 52-year-old man was arrested in California.

The man had already been convicted on DUI charges and was on probation. Due to convictions on his record, he had been barred from owning guns in the state of California for five more years, until 2025.

However, people began to grow concerned about him when he started posting on the internet about government conspiracies, the need to protect himself — including a fear that Bill Gates, who started the Microsoft computer company, wanted to use 5G towers to track his movements — and about how he needed to get guns and ammunition for himself.

He did attempt to purchase ammunition in the traditional manner, but his record meant the purchase was denied. This apparently made him angry and he told family members that he planned to arm himself anyway. They then called the police out of concern for the man. Officers responded and found that he had illegally obtained three different shotguns, which were not registered.

This now goes far beyond a mere DUI arrest and necessary probation. The man was put into a psychiatric ward by the officers. There is concern over his mental health and he is being evaluated.

The role that mental health plays in certain types of criminal activity cannot be overlooked. Those who get arrested as a result need to know what options they have, especially since mental health treatment may be the needed solution.

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