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Will you lose your medical license over a DUI?


You love being a doctor. It’s all you ever wanted to do, and it took you years to get through the program. You’ve worked hard, and you’re excited about your career.

As a way to celebrate getting your medical license and opening your own clinic, you went out for drinks with your family. As the night came to a close, you felt like you were okay to drive, so you did.

You were driving safely, but you thought you saw something or someone approaching the road from your right. You swerved a little bit out of surprise, but you quickly returned to your lane when nothing appeared. That unusual behavior must have caught someone’s eye, because it wasn’t long before a police officer was pulling up behind you. Not long after that, you were taking a Breathalyzer test and being accused of driving while intoxicated.

Your biggest concern is that you may have just ended your career before it began. The good news is that you have a good opportunity to defend yourself and to protect your license. A DUI doesn’t have to end your career, but it is a serious event that you need to handle appropriately.

In California, every case is evaluated on an individual basis by the Medical Board of California. You want to show that you have a strong explanation for your conduct or can show that you’ve taken steps to overcome challenges that led to a DUI. If you can, you’ll want to fight the DUI and have the charges minimized or dropped completely. Your attorney will work with you closely to help you protect your future and livelihood.

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