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Could a California DUI could put your nursing license at risk?


Nurses work extremely hard in situations that are often challenging and sometimes even dangerous. Most nurses here in California also worked hard to earn their professional nursing licenses. It is safe to say that they do not want to do anything that could put their licenses in jeopardy.

Blowing off steam with a drink or two after work is common for many professionals, including nurses. Unfortunately, even a couple of drinks could lead to a positive field sobriety test followed by an arrest for DUI. For nurses and others holding a professional license, a DUI conviction comes with unique hardships.

For example, a DUI could result in disciplinary actions by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Depending on the details of your situation, such disciplinary actions could lead to the loss of your nursing license. To avoid this harshest of consequences, you would be wise to speak with an experienced legal advocate about your circumstances.

As with all DUI arrests, a criminal defense attorney fills an invaluable role in helping you protect your nursing license. Collaborating with a law firm provides you with access to a number of DUI defense options that may help you preserve the license you worked so hard to acquire.

We understand how both arrests and convictions on DUI charges is embarrassing. Even though you might not want to talk about it, swift action is your best option when you want to preserve your nursing license. Please, consider reaching out for guidance when facing DUI charges. You may also continue reviewing our defense blog and website to learn other ways to protect your license in the wake of any criminal charge.

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