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What are California’s Veteran’s Courts?


Individuals who have served in the military can sometimes have unique challenges when they’re out of the service. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to the veteran running into trouble with the law. California recognizes that these veterans might need some additional help, so the state’s lawmakers have instituted the Veteran’s Court to assist them.

The goal of Veteran’s Court is to determine what’s behind the behaviors that landed the veteran in court. The veteran is offered support and treatment as part of the court process, which may help them considerably. It’s an intensive program, but many individuals may find this helpful since they get the assistance with addressing the underlying cause of the problems they’re having.

There are a few criteria that must be present in order to qualify for the Veteran’s Court option. These include:

  • Prior military service
  • A willingness to plead guilty to the charges
  • Ability to participate in 15 to 18 months in the program
  • Have military sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse or another diagnosed disorder

There are specific types of criminal cases that will qualify for the Veteran’s Court. Anyone who’s interested in using the program to address their criminal matter should discuss the possibility with their attorney. This is only one of the options that’s present.

Work closely with your attorney to determine what defense options are the best for you to pursue. If you want to go through Veteran’s Court and meet the criteria, your attorney can proceed with the process that may result in you getting approved.

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