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Prescription drug crimes can lead to harsh consequences in California


The unauthorized writing, forging or altering of a drug prescription is unlawful in all areas of the nation. Ever since the opioid epidemic began, drug enforcement efforts often focus on keeping illegal prescriptions off the streets. Often, doctors, nurses and pharmacists become the target of prescription drug crime charges, whether they’re accused of being operating a “pill mill” or filling too many narcotic prescriptions.

Whether you made a genuine mistake or you’re wholly innocent of the charges against you, you need to understand the problems you are facing and how to fight back.

What happens to professionals caught forging prescriptions?

The legal consequences for crimes involving forged prescriptions are harsh in California. A jail or prison sentence combined with costly fines is a possibility. Professionally, defendants can also suffer by losing their jobs and their professional licenses — even if they’re not convicted. Accusations alone can stain someone’s reputation and standing in both their community and their professional lives.

How can you avoid the worst outcome?

You can improve your odds of overcoming the charges against you by seeking help from an experienced advocate. When you have a professional license to protect, an effective defense strategy has to include both the issues you may face in criminal court and the problems you may have in your career. Fighting back preserves your reputation, your professional license and your career — but this isn’t something that you can handle on your own.

If you’ve been accused of prescription drug crimes, exercise your right to remain silent and reach out to an attorney as quickly as possible to discuss your case. You may have more options for a solid defense than you realize. Please continue reviewing our website to learn more.

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