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Can you be fired for harming your employer’s reputation by being arrested?


If you are arrested, are you going to lose your job? Clearly, if the alleged incident takes place at work, odds are that the company is going to quickly cut ties with you.

But what if it happens elsewhere? Say you get arrested on DUI charges on your day off, for instance. It had nothing to do with the company or with your employment, but could you still be at risk of losing your job?

Are you an at-will employee?

If, like most people in the United States, you are an at-will employee, your employer always has the option to fire you. They don’t even need a reason. As long as the firing doesn’t violate your rights, they can let you go.

This means that you could be fired after a DUI arrest. Your employer may simply decide that your actions have harmed the company’s reputation. Your name is in the news for allegedly breaking the law, and they may not want that attention. They could fire you despite the fact that you were not on the clock when the alleged offense took place.

In some cases, employers may wait for a conviction. It’s common for employees to be suspended while the court case plays out. As such, the result of that case could drastically impact your life by determining whether or not you get to keep your job.

As you can see, the outcome of a DUI case can change your future immensely. Be sure you know what options you have.

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