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Expert witnesses can make or break your violent crime defense


Like other states, California takes a severe approach to allegations of involvement in violent crimes. From assault to murder, prosecutors aggressively pursue a conviction in these types of cases. In defending your rights and freedom, criminal defense attorneys may recommend using one or more expert witnesses to strengthen your defense strategies.

What do expert witnesses do?

They offer the court a view of the alleged crime through the eyes of an expert. The right expert can strengthen your defense by testifying on elements of the alleged crime within his or her area of expertise. For example, in trials revolving around violent crimes, a forensics expert can testify on matters involving blood spatter or weapon ballistics.

What are some benefits of expert witness testimony?

The stakes are high when charged with violent crimes like murder or battery. Unprepared defendants face imprisonment and may also lose their family relationships and constitutional rights if convicted. Some of the ways an expert witness can help your case include:

  • They provide impartial testimony focused on facts rather than opinion.
  • They are credible to courts and jurors because of their education, training and other credentials.
  • They have experience and in-depth knowledge, which could help you establish an alibi or otherwise support your innocence.

Our Torrance, California, attorneys understand your fear of conviction when facing violent crime allegations. Speaking with a law professional regarding expert witness testimony can alleviate your concerns and put you on the path to achieving the best possible outcome. Even better, attorneys typically have an established network of experts they work with, so finding the right one for your case is likely more simple than you realize.

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