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2 reasons you may stand out to the police while driving

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You try your best to be a conscientious driver and you’ve never been in trouble with the law before. This is the same as many other road users who operate their vehicles each day.

However, both conscientious and careless drivers are pulled over at times. Generally, the police cannot arbitrarily pull people over. They must have reasonable suspicion initially and probable cause to carry out an arrest and further investigations.

What might make you stand out to police on the roads?

1. Broken lights

Your brake lights let other road users know that you are slowing down. Your signal lights let them know where you are going. Headlights offer you much clearer vision at night and they also give other drivers, and pedestrians, a chance to see you coming.

If a light is damaged on your car, then both your safety and the safety of others may be compromised. You may not have known about the damage and the police could pull you over to inform you or even give you a ticket. At this point, they may also want to conduct further investigations.

2. Following too closely

It’s never a good idea to follow too closely behind another vehicle. This practice is commonly referred to as tailgating. Tailgating is commonly associated with aggressive driving, but it can also be done in error.

If you’ve followed too closely behind an officer, or they have witnessed you doing this to someone else on the road, they could pull you over as a result.

Officers may suspect that you have been drinking when they pull you over, but they have to prove it. When facing DUI charges, it’s in your best interests to have some experienced legal guidance on your side.

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