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Defending Sexual Misconduct Cases


If you or a family member have been arrested for Sexual Misconduct or any Sex Crime, this video offers important information regarding these serious and difficult cases. Ernenwein are leading South Bay Criminal Defense Attorneys with 40+ years of experience defending clients accused of Sex Crimes. Some of the topics discussed in the video include:

  • Types of crimes and charges.
  • Sexual Offender Registration.
  • Typical defense preparation.
  • What will we discuss and how will we handle the case with YOU?

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Video Transcript – Defending Sexual Misconduct Cases:

Sexual misconduct cases are cases that I regularly handle here at the office. These offenses can include solicitation of prostitution, sexual battery, and lewd act in public. They can include forcible sexual acts. They can include unlawful sexual conduct with a minor even if consensual. It’s a wide variety from misdemeanor to felony conduct.

Many of these cases can result in 290 registration, and lifetime registration as a sexual offender. They’re extremely difficult cases to suffer through if you’ve been charged with these offenses. Defenses to these cases are generally that the act didn’t occur or did occur but was consensual or otherwise lawful.

In terms of preparation, I regularly employ the use of psychologists and psychiatrists to evaluate my clients in order to show that they do not have any deviancy or any predisposition towards sexual misconduct. Classes and therapy are often used and mitigate the conduct. Diversion, deferred entry of judgment for misdemeanors, and negotiations to avoid 290 registration are often employed.

I have a private investigator who works with me who is an ex-police officer, so interviewing the complaining witness if available and willing, interviewing other witnesses, and developing a defense to the case are always important.

At the lower end of the scale when we’re dealing with solicitation or more simplified cases, diverting the case or deferring the case out of the criminal justice system is very often an option.

More serious felony cases require a much more serious and intensive approach.

But these are always difficult cases in terms of the trauma that it causes the individual and I understand that and I empathize with that and I’m here to stand with you during this very difficult time. And, to fight with you, and to prepare with you to make sure that the case gets the best possible result.

I’m a former prosecutor in this community. I have been practicing criminal defense law for 30-plus years in this community. I’m board-certified by the California State Bar in criminal law as an expert in this particular area, and so I’m here for you. I’m here to listen and to work with you and to move forward toward the best possible resolution.

It starts with a free consultation. It starts with you coming in and sitting with me confidentially and discussing your case with no obligation, to figure out what happened and what your position is and what strategies might be employed to get to the right place.

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