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Limitations of eyewitness identification

Eyewitness identification is a tool often used by law enforcement to help identify a suspect of a crime.[...]

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Penalties for white collar crimes against elders, the disabled

White-collar crimes can bring with them serious penalties, and if you are among those currently facing a white-collar[...]

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Money laundering makes money hard to follow

There’s a good reason why it can be hard to understand what money laundering is and how it[...]

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Understanding California’s ignition interlock device laws

When you have a conviction for driving under the influence on your California record, you can expect it[...]

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How long do points stay on a teen’s license?

Driving is a major part of growing up, and young drivers tend to be enthusiastic about their new[...]

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Should I plead guilty to get out of jail?

Generally speaking, you do not want to plead guilty simply to get out of jail earlier. Prosecutors, police[...]

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