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Not all forensic testing methods are reliable

All evidence provided in a court trial is critical to the outcome of the case. In addition to[...]

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Leaving the scene of an accident qualifies as a hit and run

For a lot of people, suddenly crashing into another vehicle, a piece of property or even a pedestrian[...]

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The basics of identity theft: A diverse crime

Identity theft can take a variety of forms, making it a fairly diverse crime. Every case does not[...]

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Can designated drivers get a DUI?

Before you volunteer to be a designated driver, you may want to think twice about whether you can[...]

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Domestic violence charges when a partner tries to frame you

People are falsely accused of domestic violence for so many reasons, whether their spouse wants to win a[...]

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Errors in forensic testing can lead to wrongful convictions

Forensic science is a major part of many criminal cases in California and across the nation. Evidence gathered[...]

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