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How much does a California DUI raise your auto insurance rates?


While it is no secret that a California driving under the influence conviction will cost you a substantial amount of money, many people who receive first-time convictions for DUI do not realize just how much of a financial toll the conviction will take. California drivers with DUIs can expect to pay significant fines and related expenses after receiving convictions for their crimes, and they can also anticipate seeing some of the highest automotive insurance rate hikes in the nation.

According to, you can expect to see your auto insurance rates rise substantially in the wake of a drunk driving conviction regardless of where you live, but your insurance rates will likely skyrocket to some of the highest in the country if you currently live in California. Just how much of an automotive insurance rate increase might you see once you have a drunk driving conviction on your California driving record?

These days, you can anticipate watching your automotive insurance rates spike an astounding 186% once you have a California DUI conviction on your driving record. More specifically, if you are like most California motorists, you probably were paying somewhere around $1,783 a year for insurance coverage before you received your conviction for DUI.

After that DUI conviction, though, you can plan on watching your annual insurance costs rise to about $5,093, which is a difference of $3,310. Keep in mind, too, that this figure refers to automotive insurance, exclusively, meaning you may, too, have to finance substance abuse treatment, an ignition interlock device or other penalties you face because of your crime.

This information about rising insurance rates in the wake of a DUI is educational in nature and does not constitute legal advice.

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