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What is “transferred intent” in a murder case?

You’re out with your buddies and you’re having a good time – until another group shows up in[...]

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Identity theft allegations often involve people you know

Identity theft often involves total strangers. Someone responds to a phishing email or patronizes the wrong business where[...]

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Can you cheat a DUI breath test?

You may have seen internet articles or videos suggesting how you can pass a breathalyzer test with flying[...]

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Why must you act fast if accused of domestic violence?

You cannot afford to be complacent if accused of any crime. Yet, domestic violence accusations require particular urgency.[...]

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Familiar fraud is identity theft involving someone you know

Identity fraud is both a very personal crime and yet often an impersonal one. Scammers and professional fraudsters[...]

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Why honesty might not be the best policy in a police stop

Imagine a police officer pulls you over while driving. They ask have you been drinking, and you say[...]

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